Sundstrom Wildland First Responder Kit (SR 100)

Product Description

A complete respiratory protection kit with a convenient and individual storage box. An excellent choice for first responders

Non-allergenic, FDA approved Silicone respirator

  • A superior face seal means a very high protection factor
  • Easily adjustable V-shaped elastic head harness with a large crown plate
  • Unique inhalation and double exhalation valve design provides one-half the breathing resistance of competitive respirators. This means easier breathing and greater respirator compliance
  • Extra large 201 square inch P100 filter area provides extremely low breathing resistance, high air flow and extended filter life
  • High-efficiency P100 particulate filter offers ten times more filter effectiveness than required by NIOSH. Each filter tested for 99.997% filter efficiency
  • Pre-filter system collects coarse particles thereby extending the life of the P100 filter
  • The included Organic Vapor / Acid Gas (OV/AG) chemical cartridge can be used by itself or stacked with the included P100 particulate filter based on user’s application
  • Chemical cartridge with an extra large surface area providing high gas absorption capacity
  • Easily fit tested and fit checked
  • NIOSH approved

Sundstrom’s comfortable half mask respirator lets you work longer with less effort and better protection, and at less cost.

One Wildland First Responder kit includes everything you need.

Better Protection

The Sundstrom P100 particulate filter offers an efficiency level of 99.997% which is ten times higher than NIOSH requires at 99.97%. Therefore, the Sundstrom P100 filter is 10 times more effective and offers 10 times better protection.

Greater Comfort and Less Breathing Resistance

Our flexible Silcone mask fits great. Sundstrom’s unique design significantly cuts inhalation and exhalation resistance making the mask twice as easy to breathe through. This increases comfort and lengthens use time.

250% More Air Flow

Our half mask respirator and P100 filter allows breathing rates of more than 250 liters per minute as compared to most competitive products which generally allow only 95 lpm. This means the Sundstrom user can handle much heavier work loads and avoid early fatigue.

Adaptable System

The SR 100 half mask respirator can be used with our P100 filter and / or a range of chemical cartridges which can be “piggybacked” together.

Far Less Cost Over Time

The SR 100 is an easy to maintain, clean and disinfect reusable mask. Our distinct pre-filter system prevents premature clogging of the particulate filter and extends filter life up to 5 times longer than competitive products.

More Information H05-6121S
Model description Wildland first responder kit S/M
Shelf life (years) 5
Country of manufacture Sweden
Operating temp. 14 to 131 °F (-10 to +55 °C), < 90 % RH
Storage temp. 4 to 104 °F (-20 to +40 °C), < 90 % RH
Assign. protection factor 10
Maximum quantity available reached.

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