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Cancer Prevention starts with our mobile cleaning services

Meiko SCBA Decon Units

Studies have shown that firefighters have a higher risk for multiple types of cancer than the general population.

Until now, fire departments that were possibly limited by fiscal constraints, physical space, or both, had to rely on standard practices of decontamination and cleaning. WFSMS offers the flexibility and feasibility for departments to have the peace of mind that their gear is as clean as possible by bringing the machine to them. (The scope of equipment for cleaning will include, but is not limited to: helmets, gloves, boots, and SCBAs, or components of SCBAs as approved by manufacturer)

WFSMS has partnered with Meiko to offer their ‘Top Clean’ cleaning machine in a scalable, mobile cleaning service to Fire Departments of all sizes, and Cres Guard Health and Safety to offer their mobile decontamination equipment which provides decon at 185 F, 65% Relative Humidity for 15 minutes to eradicate 99.9999% (6 log reduction) of extremely resistant virus like MS2 Bacteriophage and spores like C. Difficile commonly found to cause infections.

Meiko Top Clean

Meiko TopClean decontaminates and cleans breathing apparatus and other protective equipment thoroughly, providing the same high level of protection every time to reduce additional exposure to carcinogens.

- The integrated reverse osmosis system achieves water purity of approx. 98%, almost completely demineralizing and sterilizing the water.
- Consistent processes since water quality remains stable Improved hygiene safety for mask users
- Clear view with no residues on the lenses
- No need to manually polish – saves time
- Time between necessary maintenance appointments is relatively long, reducing servicing costs
-Less rinse aid used means lower operating costs
- Inserts for BA masks, SCBAs, regulators, compressed air bottles, multi-purpose and helmets: the modular rack system provides the perfect solution for any item.

Cres Guard Mobile Decontamination Unit

Cres Guard mobile decontamination equipment operates at 185 F, 65% Relative Humidity for 15 minutes to eradicate 99.9999% (6 log reduction) of extremely resistant virus like MS2 Bacteriophage and spores like C. Difficile commonly found to cause infections.

- Uses Convection Heat with precision Humidity controls and just water. No chemicals involved and no residual toxicity or pungent odor.
- Designed for mobility around multiple sites, could be deployed directly at point of use.
-Pre-programmed decontamination parameters saving time and reducing variability between users ensuring the safety of every employee.
- Localized decontamination: Quick decontamination at the end of duty or after use reduces waiting time and prevents infection & cross-contamination.
- Can be used to decontaminate items that can withstand heat and humidity such as Web gear, Turnout gear such as Jackets, Trousers, Helmets, Gloves, Fire Hood, Bulletproof vests, Boots, etc.

Mobile Service

Mobile Service can be scheduled, on call or as demand is required. 

Call us for more information.

Mobile Solutions

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