Ventry Solution Spare Bulbs (Halogens)

Product Description

Ventry Solution

Extra halogen light bulbs are wise to keep on hand for backup in the field. All Lentry® Lights with halogens utilize one or more of the following bulbs.

  • 750W HALOGEN BULBS. Used in Lentry Lights with Optup halogens (not the Panorama). This bulb also fits older Lentry models that have the Two-Headed Optup or the 750W ABC light head and can be used in Lentry Lights that originally came with 650W hi-IR bulbs. It is the brightest bulb we can get using only 750 watts of power. Approximately 5 inches long. Output of 19,600 lumens. Part number BULB750 (These bulbs are on sale.
Maximum quantity available reached.

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