SC Products - SC-14® Gun Cleaner - 8oz

Product Description

Ensuring your firearm is clean is crucial for its proper function and longevity. A reliable gun cleaner like SC-14 helps remove residue, preventing malfunctions and maintaining accuracy. Regular cleaning with SC-14 also prevents corrosion, safeguarding your investment and promoting safety for yourself and your family. Invest in SC-14 for a reliable and well-maintained firearm.

SC-14® Gun Cleaner SAFELY Removes Carbon, Lead, Copper Fouling, Oil and Dirt using a targeted, Non-destructive Cleaning Process. For Best Results, Lubricate after Cleaning to Prevent Corrosion.

No Toxic Fumes

Safe for You, Your Family, Your Pets and Your Firearms!

Made from Food Grade Ingredient Derived from Florida Oranges.

SC-14® Gun Cleaner does not contain (As found in other cleaners):
• Petroleum
• Bupoxyethanol
• Nitrobenzone
• Synthetic Esters

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