Ready Rack S.O.S Racks

Product Description
SOS Rack- Multi Purpose Storage: Descriptions Below!

See Table below for Part # and Sizing
  • Designed for SCUBA & SCBA Cylinders, Oxygen Bottles, Gear bags, and PPE Gear!
  • Pre- configured packages and custom configuration available.
  • Comes in 2 and 3 section Units.
  • Heavy duty steel with a red powder swivel casters

New design accommodates SCUBA cylinders, Oxygen bottles, & SCBA cylinders. The modular design allows you to configure each compartment with any combination of specialized shelves and/or flat shelving for gear bags, or for turnout gear and dive gear storage / drying to meet the needs of your department. The S.O.S. Rack features four 1,050 lb capacity casters and is constructed of heavy duty steel tubing with high strength wire. A durable powder coat finish protects the rack and will provide years of service.

PART # Description WEIGHT
SOS2432DBL 2 Section Base Unit with no Shelves 140 lbs.
SOS2432DBL-C 2 Section Cylinder Storage with 8 V-Shelves 215 lbs.
SOS2432DBL-B 2 Section Bag Storage with 8 Helmet/Boot Shelves 215 lbs.
SOS2432DBL-MP 2 Section Cylinder and Bag Storage with 4 V-Shelves and 3 Helmet/Boot Shelves 215 lbs.
SOS2432 3 Section Base Unite with no Shelves 270 lbs.
SOS2432-C 3 Section Cylinder Storage Unit with 12 V-Shelves 375 lbs.
SOS2432-B 3 Section Bag Storage with 12 Helmet/Boot Shelves 375 lbs.
SOS2432-PPE 3 Section PPE/Turnout/Dive Gear Storage with 6 Helmet/Boot Shelves 325 lbs.
SOS2432-MP 3 Section Multi purpose Storage with 4 V-Shelves and 6 Helmet/Boot Shelves 360 lbs.
HBS2432 Helmet/Boot Shelf 10 lbs.
VSGS2432 V-Shelf for Cylinders 7.5 lbs.

Maximum quantity available reached.

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