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Replacement Filters for the HS-2 Face Mask

Replacement Filters for the HS-2 Face Mask

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Hot Shield

Model: DPM Filter


Hot Shield USA supplies through our dealers, a disposable N-95 style filter mask that can be inserted into the integral filter pocket of the HS-2 or used independently during mop-up (no heat hazard). The filter gives some additional structure to the HS-2 as well as assisting in vapor & particulate absorption/filtration.


Advantages: Ours is inexpensive & adequate for the intermittent use the HS-2 is desiged for. Also, we designed the HS-2 so that, in a pinch, you can install just about any brand of disposable filter with exhalation valve. Nearly all N-95 filters are made in the same shape. Just check to see that the valve is centered in the middle of the filter. another brand of filter. You are not committed to buying an expensive filter from only one company for the life of the mask.


Materials: Steam activated carbon sandwiched by cotton media filtration cloth with exhalation valve. Supplied with thin rubber straps and an aluminum pinch bar. Tear these off if you are going to install the filter in the HS-2. Leave the straps on your 2nd backup filter in your Web Case in case you want to use the filter by itself for mop-up.


Size: One size only – Medium


Limitations: This type of filter doesn’t block fire gases, like carbon monoxide, so don’t assume you can advance further into the fire. Use your head, training and common sense. Throw it away and replace with a new one when filter becomes difficult to breathe through or becomes damaged.