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Mobile Red Rack: Single and Double Sided
Mobile Red Rack: Single and Double Sided

Mobile Red Rack: Single and Double Sided

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Part # for Length and Weight Below
Also Available in the Ready Rack New Tech Stainless Steel Option!
Contact for additional details.
  • Red Rack Mobile Single Sided - 20" Compartments
  • Adjustable boot and helmet shelves
  • Adjustable apparel hooks
  • Label holder
  • Four swivel casters, two with foot operated brakes.
  • Hanging Pole to run the length of the unit.
  • Security option includes top security shelf, rear security panel and lockable door
  • For security option contact for pricing

Structurally superior design does not require rear grid. Red Rack is designed to stand up to the rugged demands of the Fire Service. Tubular steel design is the strongest configuration on the market and does not require a rear grid. SAFER! Open back design allows easy access to your station’s building code approved electrical outlets. Easier to assemble!

Single Sided:

RMSS-2/18 38.50" 154 lbs.
RMSS-3/18 57.25" 231 lbs.
RMSS-4/18 76.00" 261 lbs.
RMSS-2/20 42.50" 178 lbs.
RMSS-3/20 63.50" 261 lbs.
RMSS-2/24 50.50" 205 lbs.
RMSS-3/24 132.25″ 281 lbs.

Double Sided:

RMDS-6/18 57.25" 306 lbs.
RMDS-8/18 76.00" 383 lbs.
RMDS-4/20 42.50" 320 lbs.
RMDS-6/20 63.25" 422 lbs.
RMDS-4/24 50.50" 345 lbs.
RMDS-6/24 75.25" 456 lbs.