Microdot Hot / Cold Packs

Product Description

Zero Failure Rate

Won't Activate In Your Bag Largest Surface Area 57.75 sq in

The pull-apart feature enables 100% activation, prevents damage prior to activation and ensures the pack is ready when you need it.

microdot® Rapid HOt and Rapid cold packs second instruction

No accidental activation
+ No Failure = No Waste.

microdot® Rapid Hot and Rapid Cold pack third instruction

Clip keeps chemicals separated until
needed. Zero Failure Guarantee.

microdot® Rapid Hot and Rapid Cold Pack first instruction

Largest surface area at 10.5” X 5.5” – equals 2 or 3 competitors packs.

microdot® Microdot Rapid Hot and Rapid COld packs fourth instruction.

Instant activation ensures long last-
ing cold or heat.

Maximum quantity available reached.

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