Meiko TopClean M Decon price includes GIO Module

Product Description

Breathe easy with TopClean M The best solution for consistent and reliable cleaning and decontamination

As a leading global designer and manufacturer of cleaning, warewashing and disinfection technology for more than 90 years, MEIKO can help you take safety and hygiene to a whole new level. TopClean M helps reduce additional exposure to carcinogens. It cleans and decontaminates breathing apparatus equipment thoroughly, providing the same high level of protection every time.

It’s the perfect solution for complex cleaning According to the Firefighter Cancer Support Network, cancer is the most dangerous threat to firefighter health and safety today. Studies show an occupational link to increased cancer rates among firefighters, which is connected to airborne hazards unleashed in fires. Firefighters face life-threatening risks. Breathing shouldn’t be one of them.

• Cancer caused 61% of career firefighter line-of-duty deaths from January 1, 2002 - March 31, 2017 (source: International Association of Fire Fighters [IAFF]).

• Cancer caused 70% of the line-of-duty deaths for career firefighters in 2016. (source: IAFF).

• Firefighters have a 14% higher risk of dying from cancer than the general U.S. population according to research by the CDC/National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (source: NIOSH)

Designed for professionals, by professionals


• Clean and decontaminate a combination of equipment: up to 4 masks and 4 regulators at a time, in one wash.

• A short 6-minute cycle thoroughly cleans lightly soiled respirator masks.

• 10-minute standard cycle cleans most soiled respirator masks.

• To tackle extra-heavy soot, grime and soil, a special intensive cycle incorporates an automatic water change to boost cleaning.


MEIKO GiO MODULE: Technology that provides the purest water possible. The highest quality water produces the cleanest possible masks and equipment, reducing the risk of exposure to residual toxins. MEIKO’s reverse osmosis (RO) system components and safety assembly include:

• Stop valve. • 10 μm fine filter (integrated).

• Pipe vent/non-return valve.

• Active charcoal filter (integrated).

How you benefit:

• Best-in-Class cleaning results.

• Longer maintenance intervals.

• Enhanced equipment safety and reliability.

• Environmentally friendly system saves money by using low amounts of water, detergent and rinse aid.

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