Ventry Solution Lentry 2200W HI-Lite Height Lights --NO GENERATOR

Product Description

The Hi-Lite height Lentry® Light for flagger and specialty job lighting has an Optup Halogen light and stands up to 13-feet tall. This super tall work light is intended specifically for lighting flaggers but also works well for additional special applications requiring an extremely tall light.

Due to the height, all Hi-Lite Lentry Lighting Systems are special order, as Ventry Solutions, Inc. (the manufacturer) would like to make sure this height is appropriate for the application it will be used for.


ALL-TERRAIN LEGS. Outward curving, independently adjustable legs made of solid aircraft-grade aluminum, each having an easy-to-grab locking knob for fast, secure adjustments. Legs lift, level and protect the generator. They allow a stable, rock-solid stance nearly anywhere, while overcoming common obstacles like tall grass, snow, steep hills, standing water, and debris.

750W OPTUP HALOGEN LIGHT. Shape and reflective internal surface direct light effectively onto the scene and work surface. It's light is uniform and far-reaching. The light head pivots forward and back, while rotating 450-degrees.

HI-LITE HEIGHT. Stands up to 13-feet tall with legs and pole fully extended; stands over 6-feet tall fully retrated. This height is ideal for very specific applications requiring certain heights over 12 feet. The pole (and light) can be disconnected (and reconnected) easily from the generator/legs portion of the system for transport and storage. Due to the size, two people are recommended for setting up/disassembling this system.

QUICK RELEASE. Hardware installed on the neck of the light allows the light head to be connected and disconnected easily from the telescoping pole just by turning a knob.

WARRANTIES. Backed by 3- and 2-year respective warranties on the generator and light head, our overall 5-year “No BS” warranty on workmanship and materials, and Lifetime Factory Support.

Maximum quantity available reached.

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