Vallfirest Gorgui

Product Description

The multi-purpose tool Gorgui is designed for wildland fire fighting. It was created out of the experience and needs of the most advanced firefighting brigades in the use of manual tools. The main feature is the versatility on all types of ground with a combination of all the most commonly used tools for wildland fire extinction in one

Multi-purpose Four sides with replaceable blades work just as all the most commonly used tools for wildland fire extinction. The various blades are sharpened on the inside and outside for the greatest of efficiency with all the different tasks.

· Narrow hoe: Digging in resistant rocky terrain.

· Raking and cutting: Highly resistant tines. Less impact surface and greater cutting surface.

· Dragging (McLeod): Easier stripping and dragging.

· Wide hoe: Digging in soft organic terrain

GORGUI Brochure



Head material     Hard aluminum + titanium. 

Handle material      Eucalyptus wood

Cutting blades    Individually replaceable, made with anti-wear 500 steel. 

Dimensions    335 x 185 cm

Handle weight   800 g 

Total weight .  2.80 kg

Maximum quantity available reached.

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