Drager AirBoss® SCBA

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AirBoss® Evolution - Lets you concentrate on the job at hand, not your equipment. This unit combines the latest pneumatics with a time-tested Kevlar/Nomex harness and lightweight carbon composite backplate assembly. The first stage reducer features a fail-safe design and allows accessories to be added utilizing a simple U-pin arrangement. Customize the AirBoss® Evolution to your department’s needs now or easily add accessories later. Meets and exceeds NIOSH requirements. 

AirBoss® PSS 100 - Designed to eliminate weight stress on wearer’s back and shoulders by carrying the unit’s weight completely on the hips, reducing back strain while increasing stability. It moves with the wearer, both vertically though a unique two-piece backplate and horizontally by a swivel waistbelt. The unique height adjustment of the backplate permits the unit to achieve a tailor-made fit with any torso length. Available with gauge and IPASS. Meets and exceeds NIOSH and NFPA requirements.

AirBoss® PSS 7000 - The new harness suspension system is a key feature of the Draeger PSS 7000. It provides the ultimate in wearer comfort. The PSS 7000 carbon fiber composite back plate is adjustable to fit the torso length of any firefighter. The unique 3-position height adjustment feature allows the wearer to raise or lower the height of the back plate quickly. The unique, self-adjusting, pivoting waist belt design allows the back plate to automatically lengthen and pivot with the user’s movement. The PSS 7000 comes with the Sentinel 7000; a fully integrated “Smart Electronic Monitoring Device” in a robust, impactresistant waterproof housing. The Sentinel 7000 is both a cylinder pressure gauge and an integrated PASS warning device with visual and attention demanding (>95 dBA) audible warning system. The PASS alarm uses a solid state surface-mounted accelerometer motion sensor that measures movement on two axes, providing excellent repeatability and reliability. Also included is the FPS 7000 mask, which has the largest unobstructed field of vision of any mask. Three face mask sizes now guarantee a perfect fit for any firefighter. No matter what the conditions are, the new Draeger HUD (Heads Up Display) will always provide valuable cylinder information directly to the firefighter. The HUD is positioned inside the mask and provides cylinder content information, 50% cylinder content warning and SCBA.

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