Ventry Solution Ventry Fan Model 20EM3550, Electric

Product Description

Ventry Solution


ELECTRIC. An electric motor gives this fan several benefits, including: lower maintenance; no emissions; quieter operation; smoother operation; and ability to be tipped/oriented in any direction. (While most gas motors will shut down if tipped more than 20 degrees, electric fans may be aimed straight down into a man hole, straight up into an attic, or set at any angle in between.)

THREE-PHASE TECHNOLOGY. Compared to single phase systems, Three Phase offers reduced size and weight (25-50% less), delivers more power using less amperage, and allows programming of the motor to limit the power draw to 15 amps at start-up with no initial spike.

ALL-TERRAIN LEGS. Three outward curving, independently adjustable legs made of solid, aircraft-grade aluminum, each having an easy-to-grab locking knob for fast, secure adjustments. They give the fan three-point stability, unlimited tilt/aiming, and fast deployment, Legs provide a rock-solid stance and truly stand-alone operation, no matter the terrain or obstacles (snow, stairs, standing water, debris, rose bushes...).

VENTRY SAFETY PROPELLER. Smoke-busting Safety Propellers move more air with less horsepower. This quiet, two-blade, aircraft style, state-of-the-art propeller provides great efficiency and durability. Most importantly, it is fail-safe. The propeller on 20EM3550 is specifically engineered to utilize all 1.5 HP efficiently.

CLEARANCE. Up to 14 inches between propeller and ground allows no intake of foreign matter so debris won’t be picked up or plug the fan. For added safety and performance, always extend the legs on your Ventry Fan when in use, even if it’s only 6 inches!

FREE-FLOW GUARD. Un-shrouded, double reinforced wire guard allows maximum air supply to the propeller which increases air volume (CFM) and decreases noise. Video: noise drops and CFM increases as a solid shroud is removed from a Ventry Fan in this demonstration.

DUAL SIDE HANDLES AND TOP ARCHES. Side handles provide an easy, fast way for one or two people to lift and carry the fan. The frame also features tall arches on top which protects the controller from both sides and provides additional points for grabbing, carrying, and leveraging.

LONG DISTANCE VENTILATION. Like all Ventry Fans, forward sweeping propeller tips produce narrow, consistent air stream for fan placement far from the target (8-15 ft is ideal). This leaves the entry and exit clear for firefighters and hose.

WARRANTIES. Backed by 1.5-year warranties on the drive and controller, our overall 5-year “No BS” warranty on workmanship and materials, and Lifetime Factory Support.


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