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SR 221 Prefilter

SR 221 Prefilter

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The SR 221 pre-filter is a non-classified filter media designed to capture coarse and larger particles while extending the life of the particulate filter SR 510 and SR 710. The pre-filter is placed in the prefilter holder which attaches to the particulate filter.

Technical Specifications

More Information
Art.nr. H02-0121
Model description SR 221 Prefilter
Material Polyester
Colour White
Shelf life (years) 10
Country of manufacture Sweden
Height (mm) 1
Height US (inch) 0,039
Diameter (mm) 102
Diameter US (inch) 4,01
Operating temp. 14 to 131 °F (-10 to +55 °C), < 90 % RH
Storage temp. 4 to 104 °F (-20 to +40 °C), < 90 % RH