Product Description


ChemLight® green mini light sticks are compact enough to fit anywhere, providing a convenient, dependable light source for tactical and recreational applications.

  • 4 hours of illumination per stick
  • Individually foiled for easy, safe storage
  • Nontoxic, nonflammable and waterproof
  •  Made in the USA to ensure highest quality

These military grade, green mini light sticks provide bright light for up to four hours. Trusted by the US Armed Forces, Special Operations Groups and SWAT teams, these small ChemLights can be used for a variety of tactical and recreational activities including marking rooms, reading maps, cockpit lighting, fire-fighting “bread crumbs,” rank identification, or as a fishing light stick.

Each light stick is individually foil-wrapped for protection from light and moisture exposure. Furthermore, the Mini ChemLight meets Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency (NAMSA) specifications, and National/NATO Stock Numbers (NSN) are printed on each product.

Cyalume has long been considered a pioneer and world leader in chemical lighting solutions for tactical and safety applications. Trusted by the US Military and government agencies for over 40 years, our products will perform when you need them to – without question.

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