DECKED Traction Mat

Product Description

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The Drawer System’s top deck is great for what it’s designed to do—hold up to 2,000 lbs of gear! But the deck (made of ultra-durable HDPE) can get as slick as a buttered eel on a marble floor. The new slip-resistant, all-weather DECKED Traction Mat solves this problem.

The all-weather EVA non-slip foam flooring brings a quicksand-like grip to the Drawer System's top deck while providing soft, cushy padding. Perfect for holding gear like coolers, cases, kennels, and pets in placeall while making it easier on your knees, elbows, and back should you be crawling around in your truck bed. 


  • Marine-grade, 6mm thick, closed-cell ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam padding
  • All-weather and hydrophilic so it does not get slippery when wet
  • Router-cut to match the topography of the Drawer System
  • Self-adhesive, easy install 


  • Fits all DECKED Drawer Systems (except service body beds and RamBox). Make sure to select the correct size in the drop-down before purchase
  • Compatible with DECKED Core Trax or T-Tracks


  • Comes with an adhesive back that performs like a giant sticker
  • Cut to match the DECKED Drawer System surface with chamfered edges; it will remain firmly adhered to the deck surface under normal operating conditions
  • Simply start at the tailgate end of the bed, remove the first few inches of the protective film, align it, stick it to the deck panel, then slowly begin peeling the backing off and pressing the mat to the deck as you go
  • Does not interfere with Drawer System removal or reinstallation and won't leave residue or fragments should one decide it isn’t their cup of tea



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