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Sundstrom SR 500 EX

Sundstrom SR 500 EX

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Easily operated battery powered fan with particle- or combination filters.

FilterFull face maskHoodFace shieldSafety helmet


The SR 500 EX fan is explosion-proof and specially adapted for use in an explosive atmosphere. The SR 500 EX is included together with filters and head-tops in Sundström fan-assisted respiratory protective devices. The SR 500 EX can be used as an alternative to filter protections in all situations in which the latter are recommended. This applies particularly to situations in which the work is intensive, hot or of long-duration. The fan is equipped with filters and the filtered air is supplied through a breathing hose to the head-top. The latter is then pressurized, which prevents the surrounding pollutants from being admitted.

Technical Specifications

More Information
Art.nr. H06-2012
Model description SR 500 EX
Color Black, Orange
Shelf life (years) 5
Country of manufacture Sweden
Operating temp. -10 – +40 °C, < 90 % RH
Storage temp. -20 – +40 °C, < 90 % RH
Cell type NiMh 13,5V 2,1 Ah
Approval EN 12941:1998 + A2:2008, EN 12942:1998 + A2:2008, EN 13463-1:2009, EN 60079-0:2012, EN 60079-11:2012
Directive 1 PPE 89/686/EEC
Directive 2 ATEX 2014/34/EU
Classification 2 II 2 D Ex ib IIIC T195° Db, II G Ex ib IIA T3 Gb, II G Ex ib IIB T3 Gb