Solo Rescue SCBA Decon Washer

Product Description

 SOLO RESCUE® – CLEAN GEAR IN A FEW MINUTES. The Solo Rescue cleans SCBAs and protective gear of residue from combustion gases, soot particles and other toxins in just a few minutes. It can clean steel, composite, rubber, fabric, plastic, etc. all in a mechanical, self contained process.

Cancer Prevention 

CONTAMINATED GEAR IS A CONSTANT HEALTH RISK. The SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) and protective gear are a lifeline for firefighters in their daily work of saving the lives of others. When fighting a fire, soot particles and combustion gases are absorbed by the protective gear. This contamination then poses a health risk to the firefighter. Therefore it is important to decontaminate the protective gear immediately upon return to the station.

CLEANING BY HAND IS TIME CONSUMING, HARD WORK AND POSES A HEALTH RISK. Cleaning contaminated gear by hand takes time (about 30 minutes/set) and is hardly what you want to be doing after a demanding operation in the field. Cleaning by hand also means that the crew is yet again exposed to the residues from combustion gases, soot particles and toxins. Only this time, unprotected. Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to these toxins put firefighters at greater risk of developing cancer than other professional groups. Establishing procedures to handle contaminated gear in a controlled and safe way is one way of minimizing this risk.

Fits in less than 11 ft2.
Solo Rescue is a compact machine with a lower door that
folds out, acting as a loading table when opened. The
machine occupies less than 11 ft2 of space.
Self-contained cleaning process.
The entire cleaning process is carried out inside in the
machine, ensuring minimum contact time for the staff.
Two efficient wash programs.
Gear is cleaned in just a few minutes. Choose between a
2 min cycle for gloves and helmets or a 5 min cycle for


Up to 10 times faster than washing by hand!

Breathing apparatus (single/double cylinders incl. mask)

  • up to 14 breathing apparatus/hour

Helmets (max. 5 helmets/basket)

  • up to 30 helmets/hour (1 insert)
  • up to 60 helmets /hour (2 inserts)


  • up to 60 pairs of gloves (1 insert)
  • up to 120 pairs of gloves (2 inserts)


  • up to 20 pairs of boots (1 insert)
  • up to 40 pairs of boots (2 inserts)


Capacities above include time for loading/unloading.

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