DECKED Piecekeepers

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100% MADE IN USA. Piecekeepers include two foam-backed, molded resin dividers for transporting shotguns and rifles securely in your DECKED Drawer System. They offer secure, padded cradles that grip the stock and barrel for convenient, easy-to-remove-and-replace access to firearms.

Piecekeepers have slotted cutouts to accommodate three long guns per wide drawer or two long guns per midsize narrow drawer. Piecekeepers secure into place inside the drawers. Utilizing the same multi-position drawer slots and locking clips as Drawer Dividers, they can be easily adjusted as needed. Additional clips are included.


  • WIDE PIECEKEEPERS: fit BOTH drawers on full-size truck and cargo van Drawers Systems, AND the WIDE drawer on midsize trucks. Accommodates 3 long guns. 
  • NARROW PIECEKEEPERS: fit the narrow drawer ONLY on midsize Drawer Systems. Accommodates 2 long guns. 
  • DOES NOT FIT THE DECKED TOOL BOX. Piecekeepers only fit the Drawer System
  • IT IS ENTIRELY POSSIBLE THAT YOUR FIREARM WILL NOT FIT TO ALLOW THE DRAWER TO CLOSE. IN MANY CASES, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO KNOW THE FIT UNTIL PHYSICALLY TESTING IT. Piecekeepers are designed for “traditional” rifles and shotguns. We cannot guarantee your particular flavor of firearm will fit. Due to the variety of shapes, sizes, and dimensions, many modern guns with optics, pistol grips, removable magazines, and other accessories may stack too high to allow the drawer to close. We have provided our best attempt at dimensions.
  • Technical specs for full-size truck and cargo van Drawer Systems HERE.
  • Technical specs for midsize truck Drawer Systems HERE


  • 7.79” tall x 18 5/8” wide
  • Center slot depth: 4.25”
  • Side slots measured diagonally: 5.25”
  • Clearance above Piecekeeper is less than 1"
  • Accommodates 3 long guns 


  • 7.79” tall x 12” wide
  • Side slots measured diagonally: 5.25”
  • Clearance above Piecekeeper is less than 1"
  • Accommodates 2 long guns 

BEST GUESS FIT GUIDANCE FOR MODERN LONG RIFLES: Most modern long rifles with a pistol grip and/or a removable magazine/clip and a scope will not fit in the center slot. They may fit in the outboard diagonal slots. Measure the height bottom-to-top of your long rifle from the narrowest point on your stock on or near the trigger guard to the top of your scope. If this measurement is less than 6”, a reasonable chance exists it will fit in the diagonal slots. Again, the various elements at play with the angles of stocks, the position of scopes, and the heights of stocks relative to barrels make it nearly impossible to know until you try if your modern long rifle will fit.

ORDERING PIECEKEEPERS FOR A PREVIOUSLY PURCHASED DECKED DRAWER SYSTEM? Make sure to check the slots in the upper sides of your drawers to see if the dividers are compatible. If you’re purchasing a new Drawer System, Piecekeepers™ are compatible, so order up!

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