ISC Phlotich Pulley Red With Bushing

Product Description
Features & Benefits:

Profiled side plates capture the host line, allowing for a reduction in host line movement

Sideplates mate perfectly parallel allowing for a 'clean' connection to the anchoring carabiners. The mated sideplates also allow for seamless use of a 'Twin Leg' Tether in SRT climbing with a Rope Wrench. This reduces clutter and allows proper alignment of the hitch, pulley and tether on the anchoring carabiner (in a Rope Wrench set up)

Lower anchor aperture will allow for full carabiner rotation

Dual Carabiner Alignment- when used with Doubled Rope Climbing, the Phlotich allows the two anchoring carabiners to be aligned efficiently on one pulley, instead of separating to two separate anchors

Unique 'Kidney' aperture:

• allows for a wide variety of carabiner connector shapes and will allow rotation of any carabiner
• allows for multiple carabiner connections at one time
• allows for a carabiner to 'centre' itself depending on where the load is applied- and allows carabiners to 'self centre' during climbing maneuvers, which is helpful with DdRT climbing when climbing up to a 'large limb'
• allows for a perfect spot to anchor a 'Sternal' anchoring device (carabiner, hook, Chestie, etc.) for use in SRT climbing on ascent with a Rope Wrench. This connector in the 'Kidney' aperture will self align to the most efficient spot and can be removed and attached easily
• allow the efficient use of the Pulley as a 'trolley' and allows for self alignment of an anchoring carabiner in the 'Kidney' aperture when used in this configuration.
• The Phlotich can be used effectively for 'Double Crotching' or setting up efficient mechanical advantage systems due to the multiple attachment points and the ability for multiple carabiners anchored in the 'Kidney' aperture.
6744 lbs (30 kN)
Swinging Sideplates
Maximum quantity available reached.

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