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FireIce Shield® ICF

FireIce Shield® ICF

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Gel Tech Solution

A specially formulated water-based industrial cooling formula, FireIce Shield® ICF is the most versatile and effective eco-friendly cooling agent available for manufacturing operations.


FireIce Shield® ICF is less corrosive than competitor products.

Designed with custom applications in mind, FireIce Shield® ICF can be used with any existing portable, permanent, automatic or manual cooling system. FireIce Shield® ICF benefits any process that uses high pressure tools or generates heat by reducing friction and heat, boosting output, lengthening tool & equipment life span, and increasing material machinability. Faster speeds, heavier cuts, courser feeds, and better microfinishes can be achieved on a wide variety of materials, including plastics, wood, new alloys, exotic metals, and fiberglass.


Product Name Product No. U.S. MSRP
FireIce Shield® ICF
55-Gallon Drum
FI-ICF-55 Please Call



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FireIce Shield® ICF 55-Gallon Drum
Dimensions: 48″ x 40″ x 40″
Weight: 506lb.