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FireIce Polar EcoFoam 5 Gallon Pales
FireIce Polar EcoFoam 5 Gallon Pales
FireIce Polar EcoFoam 5 Gallon Pales
FireIce Polar EcoFoam 5 Gallon Pales

FireIce Polar EcoFoam 5 Gallon Pales

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Gel Tech Solution

USDA Forest Service Approved! FireIce® Polar EcoFoam is designed for a broad range of WUI, Wildand and Class A Fire applications, including where cold-water mixing of Class A foam is required.

Biodegradable and non-hazardous, FireIce® Polar EcoFoam is free of fluorinated surfactants.

In low percentage applications (.01-.05%), Polar EcoFoam acts like "wet water", breaking the surface tension without excessive foaming, extending the water's ability to wet, penetrate and absorb heat. On hard-to-wet fuels like peat, duff and vertical surfaces, Polar EcoFoam's adhesion prevents the shedding of water and soaks fuels at a controlled rate. Polar EcoFoam is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and non-hazardous. It is safe to use in ecologically sensitive areas.

Shelf life up to 10 years
Does not require special handling for transport

Engine Systems:
New synthetic surfactant requires mix rations less than 1%, saving concentrate and money

Provides superior low expansion foam with standard forestry nozzles, straight-stream or fog

Provides superior medium expansion with aspirating nozzles and high expansion CAFS foam up to 1000:1

Stable in foam cells, holding tanks and transfer pumps, will not sludge or gel

Compatible with all direct injection, bladder tank, in-line, around-the-pump and suction side proportioners as well as batch mixing

Concentrate can be used in backpack pumps, pressurized water extinguishers, ATV and portable pump systems

Provides excellent wet line visibility

Smothers, penetrates and cools better than water alone on all Class A fuels

Qualified Products Listed (QPL) by US Forest Service in accordance to Forest Service Specification 5100-307a

Tested by UL to the ASTM E1321 - Lateral Ignition & Flame Spread ApparatusTesting (LIFT TEST)

Conforms to NFPA 18 and NFPA 115

Product Data Sheet


**FireIce EcoFoam will ship by freight truck and will incur actual costs of shipping plus a $6 handling fee. We will inform you by email of the adjusted freight charges after your order is placed. If you would like to know the charges prior to placing your order, please call 1-800-423-8347.