Evil Twin

Product Description

Speed is essential when running a hoselay—the Evil Twin is the rapid deployment system that gets water to the head of the fire with heads-up efficiency.

The Future of Hoselays Starts Here.

Solving multiple problems inherent in deploying a progressive hoselay, the Evil Twin is designed around a patented cable-release system that pops the lid to drop hardware and lateral, without needing a second person or removing the pack. Oriented upside-down, accordion-loaded hose lays smoothly out the pack’s leather-lined mouth. Primarily designed for an internally packed Gansner-type deployment system, the pack also works well for Travis, Smokey, Cleveland, and other hoselay methods.

Key Attributes

  • The patented Evil Twin cable release buckle system is the foundation of the system for deploying the hose without needing a second person or removing the pack. The downward deployment design is particularly essential for steep, uphill hoselays.
  • Low-profile shoulder pads are designed to lay securely over a fire pack shoulder pads. Bolsters on the body panel provide stability when worn over yokes and hydration reservoirs. The body panel is built with wicking Aerospacer mesh material for improved ventilation and heat transfer.


  • Bright red cable-release handle, mounted on left shoulder pad, can be zipped away for storage or extra security
  • Fully structured pack makes accordion packing simple whether in the station or the field
  • Leather-lined deployment mouth protects both pack and hose during deployment operations
  • Leather polishes and buffs smoother over time to reduce wear on costly Kevlar-blend hose
  • Internal divider/sleeve separates lateral and hardware from accordioned trunk to reduce friction and hang-ups during deployment
  • Retainment strap keeps female fitting securely located and accessible to wearer


4.9 lbs

2160 cu-in (2 stacks of 100 ft 1.5" hose)


harnessing style
Fixed Harness
Maximum quantity available reached.

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