Dräger Aerotest Simultan HP, complete

Product Description


Every day, fire brigade, healthcare and diving professionals rely on compressed air analysis from Dräger Safety. With more than 100 years of experience in this area, we provide Before compressed air at the highest level. Our Dräger Aerotest family helps to ensure maximum safety during the measurement of compressed gases. The Dräger Aerotest system is used to check the quality of the air we breathe. Before compressed air can be used as breathing air, it must meet rigorous quality requirements such as those contained in the EN 12 021 standard and the European Pharmacopoeia. Specially calibrated Dräger-Tubes and the Dräger Aerotest can be used to detect typical impurities in compressed breathing air quickly and reliably, e.g. CO, CO2, humidity and oil. Besides breathing air, oxygen and carbon dioxide can also be analysed in no time at all for purity or for compliance with specific regulations. The Dräger Aerotest Simultaneous Test allows parallel measurement of up to seven different contaminants, with results available in just five minutes. The Dräger Aerotest Simultaneous Test is compact in design and can be connected to standard compressors, compressed air lines and cylinders using standard tools. A wide selection of Aerotest systems is available for checking compressed gases for purity. We have put the sets together for you in a handy case.

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