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Copy of Copy of Lentry Light Model 2SPECXXX

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Ventry Solution



ALL-TERRAIN LEGS. Outward curving, independently adjustable legs made of solid aircraft-grade aluminum, each having an easy-to-grab locking knob for fast, secure adjustments. Legs lift, level and protect the generator. They allow a stable, rock-solid stance nearly anywhere, while overcoming common obstacles like tall grass, snow, steep hills, standing water, and debris.

2200W HONDA EU2200i GENERATOR. 1800W continuous power. Quiet operation. Lightweight and compact, with top carrying handle. Fuel efficient, with long run times and low emissions. Computer-safe, reliable power generation. Low-oil shut off protected.

THREE (3) V-SPEC LED LIGHTS. The V-Spec LED's light is bright white, quite similar to natural sunlight. They us a combination of flood and spot lights, are instant-on/instant-off, have long run-times, low operating temperatures, and use very little power, while offering reliability, low maintenance, and solid state electronics (no bulbs to burn out). The lens and optics are molded together for excellent light quality and wide, uniform, far-reaching illumination. Innovative cooling fins are incorporated right into the super-slim head making each light head very compact. Each light has its own on/off switch so you can run one, two, or all three at once, while being able to tip far forward and back and rotate 450-degrees.

THREE (3) XT HEIGHT POLES. Stands 8.5- to 9-feet tall with legs and poles fully extended; stands about 3-feet all when totally retracted. This is the most popular height since the lights can be used at any length of the telescoping poles, from fully retracted to fully extended. The poles (and lights) can be disconnected (and reconnected) quickly from the generator/legs portion of the system for transport and storage.

QUICK RELEASE. Hardware installed on the neck of the light allows the light head to be connected and disconnected easily from the telescoping pole just by turning a knob.

WARRANTIES. Backed by 3- and 5-year respective warranties on the generator and light heads, our overall 5-year “No BS” warranty on workmanship and materials, and Lifetime Factory Support.