Skinny Tank™ Aluminum Frame

Skinny Tank™ Aluminum Frame

Leading Edge™ Steel Frame Tanks

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Part No Open Dimensions Folded Dimensions Weight Capacity
8-HPC-LESTF-1500 10'3"L x 10'3"W x 29"H 10'3"L x 7"W x 29"H 143 lbs 1450 gal
8-HPC-LESTF-2100 11'3"L x 11'3"W x 29"H 11'3"L x 7"W x 29"H 159 lbs 1620 gal
8-HPC-LESTF-2500 12'3"L x 12'3"W x 29"H 12'3"L x 7"W x 29"H 174 lbs 1750 gal
8-HPC-LESTF-3000 13'3"L x 13'3"W x 29"H 13'3"L x 7"W x 29"H 190 lbs 1900 gal
8-HPC-LESTF-3500 13'3"L x 13'3"W x 29"H 13'3"L x 7"W x 29"H 210 lbs 2050 gal

Husky® Portable Containment "Skinny™ Tank" is a folding frame tank with a narrow design. This gives you other options as to where you can set up your dump tank. If you are on a narrow or one lane road for instance, the 8' wide "Skinny™ Tank" allows access for your apparatus to get around the tank and not be forced into the ditch. It also gives better options such as in wooded areas with limited space or even between standing structures.

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